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Older Cars still needed. Make some money.
Grab one of your parents old beaters... become famous.

$1950-1981 cars and trucks needed $

Beau Bonneau Casting still needs cars for two period films "Chronicles"
and "The Pursuit of Happyness." We have an immediate need for local
extras with cars, trucks & motorcycles manufactured 1950-1981 for
background work as live traffic or parked street atmosphere. Production
will pay at least $35 for use of your car (up to $100 for Chronicles only)
plus the standard extra rate!

IMPORTANT: The need for is for older "everyday" neighborhood-type cars,
such as Volkswagens, Volvos, Chevy, Dodge, etc. = Older reliable cars that
are in good condition and drive well. Show cars and muscle cars most
likely won't work!!! White and super bright cars may not work either!

Read this notice thoroughly for instructions and forward to fellow car
enthusiasts that may be interested. The email address provided below is
only for potential Extras with Cars. If you are interested in general
extra work, please scroll to the bottom for website links. DO NOT call
our office, we are extremely busy.

Non-Union extra work in San Francisco pays $68 for up to eight hours and
overtime applies thereafter. If selected as an Extra with Car for
Chronicles ONLY, you may be paid an additional flat fee of up to $100 for
use of your vehicle. If selected, you are employed by production, not
Beau Bonneau Casting. You must be a minimum of 18 years old with a valid
driver's license and clean driving record. Cars MUST be drivable and in
decent condition. * If your car runs loudly, (i.e. Flow Master Mufflers),
please note this information in your submission. Such cars will need to
be submitted conditionally for parked car purposes.

If you have a 1950 - 1981 car, truck, or motorcycle, live in the Bay Area,
and are interested in doing extra work, submit the following information
* One recent color photo per vehicle, side-view preferred
* Car Year, Model, Make & Color
* Your First & Last Name, Height, Weight, and Age Range ( 20's, 30,'s,
* Two Contact Phone numbers & Email address
* One recent color photo of you, full-standing view preferred.

PLEASE NOTE: Men with crew cuts, comb-able hair needed & KEEP those
Sideburns & Mustaches!!!


A. E-MAIL (preferred): - Vehicle Year,
Make & Model should be the subject line of your email. * Make sure to
include ALL the information above.

B. Drop off: Beau Bonneau Casting - 84 1st St., San Francisco, CA
94105 - (near the Transbay Bus Terminal & Montgomery Bart station). Come
by Monday, Wednesday, or Friday anytime between 10:00AM - 5:00PM (except
holidays) to drop off your photos!! Requested info must be included on
the back of each photo. * Notify the front desk if you are submitting a

We may ask to take a digital picture of you, giving you a 3 month free
trial of the Casting Networks, SF database or possibly cast you on the
spot! Do not leave pictures with sentimental value; your photos will not
be returned and will be discarded when filming is completed.

IMPORTANT: Submitting does not guarantee employment. Production will be
selecting cars, not Beau Bonneau Casting. If your car is approved, you
will be contacted by us regarding your availability to work. Approved car
owners/drivers selected for extra work may need to be scheduled for a paid
wardrobe fitting. Send/drop off submissions ASAP to ensure consideration.
Do not call our office for more information. Do not reply, we will not
respond. Do not contact Casting Networks, SF; they are an online database
only, which we use to find people for our various projects. They do not
have any specific casting details regarding these projects or any other
castings. Thank You!!

Beau Bonneau Casting Staff

P.S. For more information about our company and to view current needs,
go to Click on Actors & Extra Work, then the
Currently Seeking link. Casting notices are also sent through Casting
Networks, SF now featuring Direct Cast so you submit yourself directly or
leave specific availability. If you would like more information about
Casting Networks, visit this link:
Click on the Talent section to learn how to register!

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