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Autolife Style Car Show Sept.25th
Autolife Style Car Show Sept. 25th location: uss hornet navel base, oakland california roll in time 8am till 11am judeing starts from 11am till 1pm show is from 12pm till 6pm stuntfest exibition will be there must check it out. 30 dollars to register your vehicle it includes a passenger pass.

Trophy Classes

best import luxury /best domestic luxury
best suv luxury /best lowrider luxury
best euro luxury /best paint
best air ride/hydro

Best accord / best acura
best audi / best bmw
best civic /best integra
best corolla / best prelude
best eclipse / best vw
best celica /best honda
best nissan /best mazda
best mitsubishi /best ford

best 30's /best 40's
best 50's /best 60's

best mini truck
best mid size truck
best full size

best street bike/ best race bike
best yamaha bike/ best honda bike
best suzuki bike/ best ducati bike
best harley bike/ best kawasaki

Best of Class:
best club/team/ballers
best of show
best engine
best graphics/murals

For More Information Call 1-877-647-2852
[Image: sept25-front.jpg]
[Image: sept25-back.jpg]
moderators can you delete the 2 duplicate copys and keep this one thank you
this should be a good show.
Cottman Transmission
24603 Industrial Blvd
Hayward, CA 94545
ill be there .. its in my area so yea o.O !
SRO Staff |team kOnfuziOn | East Bay Imports | Original Honeys | Project RIDE . net
Team Incursion will be repping hard at this show... Watch the 5150 crew do their stunts.. Hopefully our show R1 bike, will make it. See everyone at there....
Here i the address for those of you that do not know.
USS Hornet Museum
P.O. Box 460
Pier 3, Alameda Point
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 521-8448
(510) 521-8327 faxs.
for tickets here is the link
should be a GOOD ONE will be their Cool :guitar:
Can you MapQuest a PO Box?
Lots of booti fest going on?
oh gosh ryan ahahhah lolz ..
SRO Staff |team kOnfuziOn | East Bay Imports | Original Honeys | Project RIDE . net
Is staging going to be on the flight deck (that would be siiiccckk!), air craft storage area, or in the parking lot? Just curious.
DUB MAGAZINE will be attending the event to answer any questions that you have for them for thier up comming event also for thier magazine Smile. This will be fun rain or shine but from the weather suppose to be 70 Smile. Just come fun dont beat your lady down becuase she wont clean your car ehehehe just relax and enjoy the ocean view Smile.
I just detailed my car. I didn't sign up or enter though. Sad
I'm off to Washington tomorrow night, so probably wont make it :p
The ship in the background will be awsome.
The show will be in a big parking lot, all the proceeds will go to the USS Hornet. For the upkeep and maint. This is on the closed Alameda Naval Air Base, so there is no confusion where it's at. See everyone out there....
how was the show?
is there anyone with pictures yet?
I spend my lunch money on mods
not so big of a show. fun for 10 min walk but small. the good thing was we got to check out he USS Hornet for FREE. good to see steve, tee hayder, pierre from incursion, & dannydee-the dyanasty fam.
Cottman Transmission
24603 Industrial Blvd
Hayward, CA 94545
I thought the judging sucked Smile
:werd: lol jp phil :thumbup
I mean, it really sucked. I'll prolly never do that sh!t again Wink
ok then im glad i went to work
I spend my lunch money on mods
woa, hey, I think that came out wrong again. Show was ok. It was hard work to be a judge. Sorry for being stupid.
i agree. show wasnt too bad. i heard something about the proceeds going to the USS Hornet museum. is this true? if it is, it was worth it. come out to the dub show on oct 16 @ cow palace. bring a pepsi bottle/can and pay only $15.
Cottman Transmission
24603 Industrial Blvd
Hayward, CA 94545

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