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show and race OCT.16th monterey CA, Laguna Seca
[Image: MES-BSECA05.jpg]
[Image: MES-FSECA05.jpg]

Tuner Car Show! @ world famous LAGUNA SECA, Monterey California

From the same guys that brought you the first ever D1GP, Formula Drift and Mazda Extreme Street !!!

- Top Region Show Cars
- Top Region DJ to be spinning all day
- Racing + Car show all in one outdoor experience!!
- THE only motorsports car show!

- Register @
- $40 per vehicle registration *includes 2 tickets!!

Trophy Categories:
Best of Show - $1000 Cash Prize.
Best Mazda - 1st ($500 Cash Prize), 2nd, 3rd
Best Car Crew - By number of show points. $500 Cash Prize.
Best Car Crew - By number of show cars. $500 Cash Prize.
Best I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
Best JDM
Best Luxury Sedan
Best SUV
Best Domestic Sport Compact - 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
Best European - 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Best Honda - 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
Best Honda Civic - 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
Best Acura
Best Lexus
Best Mitsubishi
Best Interior
Best Nissan
Best Subaru
Best Toyota
Best Volkswagen


man i wanna race
I spend my lunch money on mods
damn isnt that the same day as drift showoff ?!
SRO Staff |team kOnfuziOn | East Bay Imports | Original Honeys | Project RIDE . net
showoff is on the 15th a Saturday the DUB show is on the 16th though but I aint into big ol' 26inch rimz
adl16v Wrote:showoff is on the 15th a Saturday the DUB show is on the 16th though but I aint into big ol' 26inch rimz

i dont know how many 26s there were last year. they were mostly 22s. :wierdo: however its not just all about "bling"as you may think. there are also imports showing and no the imports dont have spinners. u dont have to be "black" to go to the DUB show. everyones welcome. bring a empty pepsi bottle/can and get in for $15 (50% off). i apologize for promoting DUB in the wrong topic.
Cottman Transmission
24603 Industrial Blvd
Hayward, CA 94545
yeah some of my team members will be repping it at the dub show just me and the rest of the JDM honda's in our team are going to rep it in Monterey we live like 20 min away, and the DUB show has a 17" wheel size minimum, and I don't have 17's, and I also like the racing event, but the dub show has some good events like the bikini contest damn last year= :uhhh: :eek2: :bow: :drool:
and this year mike jones and other supposed to be their :thumbup
ill be at the drift showoff lol
^^ No you wount
I spend my lunch money on mods
ya i am....gotta showoff teh drift scars
you can do both I am lol showoff the 15th and mazda on the 16th :wierdo:

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