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still talkin?!!!!
agp is still on their forum talkin shiet...
if anyone can check in the "crews check in here" or some shit like that, and tell me if red garden snake was claimin to be a part of deadly domestcs a.k.a. (dumb dumbs) which is it? i call them that cuz like any other biotch, they saw a post sayin all crews check in here, and they did it. it's called hoe checkin homie, guess you know about that.
why rude from agp talkin anyways, i aint seen or heard him out on weekends
the reason why we dont come out on weekends is because no out there will race.
we got info on agp's, you guys aint about nothing!! yes, we know about u hippo dippo parking lot pimpin. and yes rudy, we know about u too. and we seen what red garder snake is about last timne we met at mels, atleast u showed up though. but he still tried to go from a genorous $65 dollar bet, to $50. u drive a hard bargin, but im not sold, agps are slow, not real street racers, and always will be until they.......

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