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**stolen Parts**
Sad to say, my Civic was stolen on Sept 16th around 2-4AM, stripped and dumped. Car has been recovered.

The low-lifes got away with an EK hatch carbon fiber spoiler (LED brake light on the bottom, few cracks in the clear coat on the right side & clear is fading), 3 black rota slipstreams (wear around lug holes), Coustic 200 watt amp, and 2 Suzuka blue S2000 seats (driver's seat lower section has color wear towards the rear).

It's a long shot, but if anyone has seen these parts for sale or has any information about who is selling these parts, please call the San Jose Police Department.

I have the 2 guys who sole the stuff on tape, so I know they wear hoodies and don't look older than 25 (if that helps anyone confirm suspicions).

Thanks in advance and watch your cars guys and gals. Listening to the police band, there were 3 more Hondas and a Toyota stolen tonight within a few hours. Looks like the jackasses are hitting the 408 area hard. BTW, they were mildly skilled as they did the "pry the window frame open to get to the door lock" deal, instead of breaking out the window to gain entry. They rolled the car out to the corner before starting it up and driving away, so they are experienced crooks. Watch your rides!
i think i seen some slips on sale on CL that had abuse near the lug holes, but why only post today?
I spend my lunch money on mods
I just got back from getting married a few days ago, just went to the tow yard to check out the damages. Car was stolen 2 hours after my flight to Hong Kong hit the air.
ohh shit sorry man but yea i seen some slip on CL might wanna check that out
I spend my lunch money on mods
yeah that's cool, and thanks bro. I also see some Suzuka blue S2K seats on CL... pointing towards Santa Rosa. Coincidence?
very.. its not like you see people selling suzuka blue s2k seats.. i never even heard of suzuka blue.. :p
well.. just a bit odd to see the exact parts that got stolen up for sale at the same time, and both on CL in the same area. Suzuka blue is least common color for S2K seats because they only came on the Suzuka blue S2K's. Not so many of the blue ones rolling around the streets.
suzuka blue is like the hottest color...
well i hope you find them and when you do post thier names on the board like i did before
I spend my lunch money on mods
Christ, looked at the car on Saturday, and I think it's gonna be a total loss. They did a lot of damage. They scraped the front and rear bumpers, cracked my front lip, cracked the right side skirt, kicked a big dent in the passenger side fender, bent the hood on the driver's side, scratched the driver's door pretty good, f@cked up the ignition and steering column garnishes, stole my wore out shift knob, and stripped the one wheel lock they couldn't get off.

Oddly enough they didn't take a thing off the motor, left the Si gauge cluster, tweeter pods, and hatch cover that are reasonably marketable for theives.

Oh BTW, accord to SJPD, the car was dumped on Piedmont Road, if anyone lives up that way and saw or heard anything early in the morning. Again, call the cops with any info you have.

ViEtNaMeeH Wrote:suzuka blue is like the hottest color...

Yup, that's why a$$holes with no money need to steal them, instead of buying them like normal people do. :eek5:
man that totally sucks, i hate thieves man they have no right to live, anyway i hope you find them
I spend my lunch money on mods
Maybe watching some of these vids will cheer you up. Do you guys have similar programs in place in the states? Our 'bait car' program is funded by the insurance company (ICBC) and the local police.
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