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anyone from escondido
hey is anyone from escondido? and if is the import scene hot. like the races and shit. thinking about moving out there.
the import scene is just like part of san diego, since it's pretty much part of san diego, just a little north i guess. so if you're moving to escondido, chances are you'll be either going to wild animal park, which cops know about and are always ready and waiting, or you'll be going down to the san diego races. sorry, i know it's not much help, but it's just basically combined with san diego when referring to escondido. hope that last sentence made sense. if you need any more info, just ask.
cool. might be going there in the spring. how big is escondido and whats to do there?
escondido is probably like 20,000 people at least, and's a normal town. There are theatres near by and etc, I can't think specifically of something that Escondido does or doesn't have though.

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