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Due to the barrage of questions related to what bike a new rider should get, this will be kept at the top of the forum.

Here are some older links that should help those in search of their first bike:

To get your M1 license, it is a good idea to take the MSF course. It waives the DMV skills riding test, and you can find out more info by calling 1-800-CCRIDER. They will give you a list of schools that are in your area.

What is considered alot of miles for a bike?

Average lifetime mileage of a bike

Best handling bike

Suggestions for buying a used bike

Amatuer Bikes

Best bike for price

How to shift on a bike


Who are you insured with?

Most of the information you will be asking for is found in one, if not all of those links. If not, try using the search function at the top right of the page. If NOT there, THEN post it up.

Lastly, NO, R6s, R1s, GSXRs, Hayabusas, and other bikes of that nature are NOT good beginner bikes. It doesnt matter if you have the self control of the Dahlia Lama himself. Those are not good beginner bikes. If you're still not convinced that a liter bike is too much for you, read this thread and picture your best friend posting it: SQUID ON R1 DIES

Thank you for your time in reading this, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions, provided that they are not addressed in the afor mentioned links, or can be found using the search function.

Once you've decided to get a sportbike, definitely buy and read: A Twist of the Wrist II by Keith Code. It goes over a lot of performance riding fundamentals and if you learn and use his methods, you'll see a huge improvement in your riding.

A Twist of the Wrist II: The Basics of High Performance Motorcycle Riding
00 Jeep Cherokee - 4.0L I6
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Quote:Originally posted by Mr RC51

Here is what you need to start riding. I strongly recommend the MSF course. They teach you all you need to know to become a responsible and safe rider. This site will give you ALL the information you need to start the process of riding and getting a M1 license.

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