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Titti contest/show in San Jose.. who knows about this?
Someone today told me about a Titti show on Market and Post in DT San Jose??? anyone have any ideas?? know what this is about?? I'll probably go there but dont know the time....
Yeah it's called "Mardi Gras." Bring some beadsBig Grin
yup.. mardi gras at post street.. in downtown san jo'.. but go early if u want parking.. cause parking is a biatchh ..
yup its mardi gras

imma be der to get drunk, but i dont want beads ya damn pervs
oh ya.. shit.. i forgot...

i'll be there too...
there's always penty of parking in santa clara and 3rd st... if you dont' mind walking
that's where i'm gonna be..
Quote:Originally posted by purdyceligurl
yup its mardi gras

imma be der to get drunk, but i dont want beads ya damn pervs

LOL yea right.. u get drunk.. then ur gonna wanna want beads.. u know how it is wen u get drunk.. ur judgment gets all fugked up.. sooner or later.. ull be like hey over here.. i want some beads.. :eek: jk..
me and beaver might roll over there later along with our other homebois. i better see some fine girls flashing.
[Image: Eyecrazy.gif] Whens Mardi Gras?
1989 Crx Hf Stock Rolleyes
thats what i want to know, when is this??!?!?
mardis gras is tonight
damn hella girlZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! fine ass girls flashing and shit! fine women like fine wine hehehe! i stupid i know hehehe have fun! cant wait till next year when they actually let people in!!
fuk, i missed all that shiet. my homeboi wuz laggin so we didnt get there until 11 something. thats when the pos were kicking everyone out. they had horses and helmets and all the gear.
hahaha did you see ne naked ladies raygun?
-=If you can catch me I will pay for the ticket=-
Quote:Originally posted by civicInline4
hahaha did you see ne naked ladies raygun?

naw man, we didnt see shiet. two of the exits on the freeway were blocked off so we had to take the long way there.
i had sooooo much fun....hella girls!!...they were alright...guys didnt do much to impress me...*shrugs* oh was a blast!...since it was the last night to get drunk....(lent starts today...)
Lots of boobie shows tho!!!..
ahh man, i healla missed it! sheeesh, stupid homeboy, dat lagger. was hella funny goin there and ariving though, there was this chick that kept screamin at us, i have no idea what the hell she was saying. And the cops were hella funny, haha, on thier horses and geared up, did anyone here what they were saying? i thought it was funny, "Get out, go home! hurry up, Walk faster, your not walking fast enough, walk faster!" hahahaha
damn i missed out...did n e one take pix of girls flashing...i was stuck at home doing hw...can't wait till i get outta high school...
Quote:Originally posted by XCeptNOimiTaTioN
damn i missed out...did n e one take pix of girls flashing...i was stuck at home doing hw...can't wait till i get outta high school...

yup..i have cant wait till next year when i go to the REAL mardi gras!!!...hahahaahahaSmile Big Grin
Awwwe damn. I freaken missed it, when is the Mardi Gras in New Orleans?

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